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Building Mobile Apps


Get the needed foundation to start building apps on your phone in 1 month? Yes! Just a month….you read that right.

Studies have shown that learning through a system improves your chances of learning by 85%.

Learning to learn is a fundamental step that every programmer needs to do to scale his learning fast by 85%. The giants in the tech industries have been using this strategy to scale their learning since the 1980s.

Think of someone like Bill Gate. You’re probably going to use this source code on a Windows computer (software developed by Microsoft and founded by Bill Gates). Do you know that Bill Gates didn’t build the first Windows that he used to make Microsoft into a multibillion-dollar company?

Yeah! He bought the Operating System from someone for $50,000. He leveraged on the knowledge of someone and built from there and made Microsoft the giant tech company it has become today.

Steve Jobs (founder of Apple and iPhone) had admitted in countless interviews that he copied a lot of technologies from others and made them great products and completely revolutionist the world.

The fascinating stories of tech products revolutionizing how we do things from Netflix, Uber, Spotify, Crypto and Amazon to name just a few titans of the tech world.

Even in Nigeria, are you not intrigued by constant news of techpreneurs cashing big? PayStack $200 million Dollars acquisition by Stripe (news flash: you would be using paystack here)

Abeg and Patricia Funding Big Brother Naija Season 6 for more than a billion Naira?

Or is it the constant FinTech companies getting funding in millions of dollars from foreign investors? Actually 1.2 billion dollars last year (2021) alone.
Do you know that in 2017, users downloaded 178 billion apps, and analysts predict growth to 258 billion in 2022? Mobile customers are demanding more and better apps, and it’s up to developers like us to write them.
See there is a legitimate way to make it even in our beloved Naija (okay not very beloved).

Do you know what all these guys have in common?

They have apps most especially mobile apps that 100,000 people use daily. And they are built by developers like yours truly. Yes, I have worked for some of the tech organizations as a contracted developer known as a freelancer.

The issue is learning programming is messy and complicated…that is why the pay is great coz of those lonely hours and effort you have to put into learning and honing your skill.

What if I tell you that I can help you get the needed foundation to start building apps on your phone in 1 month? Yes! Just a month….you read that right.

I figured out a system that would increase your ability to learn to code faster as it serious did mine.

I know you want to learn coding but don’t like the complex process of learning the very basic?

Then we are the same. No, we were the same.

I use to hate the entire math associated with learning coding and I am a good mathematician or at least my teachers and lecturers made me believe that…I just want to start producing apps right away.

I have opened accounts with many coding sites from Udemy, EDX, Coursera, Khan Academy and Codecademy e.t.c. accumulating hundreds of dollars in expenses. PS: All the techniques on these platforms really work just not for my kind of learning.

You get the point! Coz learning too many things as basic before doing real app development sucks and I am not the most patient person in the world.

To be honest, I wanted the huge money that programmers make but didn’t want to waste time learning just maths and taking months before I could develop something beyond “Hello World”, Basic conditional statements….”if..else”.

So how did I become a good programmer?

At the university, I had a great lecturer Mr Habib that helped me learn to code well. He once showed me an app he made for a cyber café using PHP and they would be paying him ₦100,000. It wasn’t huge money to him but he said he can do 2 or 3 of this kind a month. I asked if I could help him work on some of his real projects…..he agreed and even offer to give me some cash for my effort but I turn it down. My aim is to learn coding the real way and the fastest and we did a lot of projects together till I graduated in 2015.

I know you are not as lucky as I am to get a mentor that would guide you to skip the basic learning curve.

Every time I wanted to learn a new programming language, I struggled because I need to learn the syntax of the language and certain changes that are different from the languages I already know about. It takes months to get the hang of it and close to 6 months to be any good developer in the language.

Until I got a client from Saudi Arabia in December 2020 that want me to build an app for both android and iOS in 45 days. They have an e-commerce platform that is web-based and they need a mobile app. I have built mobile apps before but mostly for games or news platforms nothing as complex as e-commerce before. Plus I am mostly an android developer (as most Nigerians use android devices compared to iPhones).

He is offering $5,000 for the work, which is good money to let pass by….plus he offered to pay half upfront $2,500

How do I do it?

After spending 6 days looking at Flutter and Dart documentation on how to learn the Language I stumbled upon a guy that agreed to sell a template of a code for $400. I would make $5,000 from the app so I paid for his template.

His template is very flawed and doesn’t do half of what I wanted but it has something I needed. An app that can install on a phone, so I study the template, and in 2 more weeks built the app I needed we test with my client for another week and voila easy $5,000.
I know you are thinking, you have been coding for more than 5 years already are you supposed to be impressed?

That’s not the point.

The point is I discovered that by using just a template you can build an app very fast. I have built 10 apps using this model from January 2021 to date and I can build an app in 7 days using the existing template.

How can I do that with just a template??

What if I haven’t done any programming before???

Calm down!

I have thought about it and developed a model that makes it easier for anyone to learn how to build a mobile app without ever doing programming.

You see I told you about Bill Gates buying a source code to make Windows that have been the hallmark of Microsoft’s success for more than 30 years and how Steve Jobs shamelessly admit to copying technology to make them better and revolutionist the world.

I have built a system that would do just that for you, and you can go ahead from knowing nothing in coding to building great mobile apps that you can imagine. It is an easy step-by-step guide with real source code that you can view and even edit as you seem fit and even better create the things that only you can imagine.

I have spent more than a year working on this and poured 7 years of coding experience and I have tested it with those that are starting out in coding at a Hub and their learning and coding ability have improved faster than those that have been learning 3 months before them.

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Rapid Rezol App

Minimum payable amount NGN 25,000Transaction Charge: , Total:
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Usually, to build one app template like this costs around $500 Dollars which is roughly around ₦250,000 Naira.

You would get 5 app templates for a meagre ₦25,000 Naira at ₦5,000 per template. Do you know why it is cheap? It is reserved for the first 100 persons. I believe in rewarding people that show early commitment.

Then it would double to ₦50,000

I developed this template as my little contribution to showing the youths there are legitimate ways of making millions online without becoming a scammer (YAHOO boy).  The mad followership and validation of fraudsters AKA Yahoo Boys is a trend I personally found to be worrisome and this is my indirect contribution to correct that trend at least to people that want to make productive changes in their lives and do real tech work.

Being able to build things and transform imagination into reality is a superpower especially if you would be paid doing it.

Would it make you an expert programmer?

Let’s be honest it would not. But What I can guarantee for you is it can take you from someone with little or no coding skill to a programmer that can be able to land freelancing works of ₦250,000 monthly if you would implement the strategy I would share with you.

I would also give weekly tips and strategies on other coding strategies that I didn’t include inside this bundle. Through the telegram channel, you would get to continue learning till you become an expert at both mobile and web app development.

Take advantage of the cheap offering now to sign up and watch how this would transform your life completely. If you waste time it might be 50k tomorrow or 100k or even take it off completely coz I don’t want to work with people I can’t handle.

Remember the difference between who you are today and who you would become in the future is the decision you take now. I would leave you to decide for yourself.

Rapid Rezol App

Minimum payable amount NGN 25,000Transaction Charge: , Total:
* are compulsory


Is it easy?
Yes and No.

Yes if you consistently put the effort to learn and No if you only expect magic to happen.

Can I be able to become a programmer in a month if I follow your guide?
Absolutely, just put some effort and be consistent with your learning the rest would be history.
Would you help me set up if I have issues?
My goal is for it to work well for you so that you would be able to leave reviews and help me get more clients. So absolutely YES
How can you help me, if you’re in a different location from me?
There is a Desktop app called TeamView….that developers (colleagues) can share their computers with each other….we would use it to fix the issue or challenge you’re facing.
Is there another support?
You would be added to a telegram group as soon as you did the assignment given to you, the group would be to discuss and share ideas and ask people that have gone through the same challenge you might be facing. This would be a community of fellow developers with that you can share ideas.
Can I be able to get clients from what I would learn?
Absolutely, I plan to share more resources on how you can get clients that would be paying you in dollars to do their programming work for them.
What if I already know some programming and I have work on app development before?
You can still learn about the method of scaling faster. Remember it is not just about learning programming but learning the fastest way.
Is there a money back guarantee?
No coz the only way this won’t work is if you didn’t do what I would share with you. So I would save you time and money. Don’t make payment as it is not for someone like you. You see I don’t want to collect the money of anyone that won’t be committed to learning. So if that is you don’t pay and lose your precious money. But remember if you do pay I would give you maximum support to succeed and also be able to learn.
How long would it take before I would be able to access the apps and the study guide?
Within 24 hours, as soon as payment is confirmed. You would be notified via email.
What if my templates get corrupted or I made a mistake and I want to correct it or go back to the previous files?
First, it would come as a zip folder and you can always download it back and also first programming lesson is to always make extra copy so that you can have extra source code to compare in case you tamper it.
Will it help me get a job?
Of course, but you need to keep learning.  The purpose is to give you experience in coding and break the barrier to fast learning a programming language.
Why choose Flutter?
Flutter is a Google UI toolkit for building beautiful natively compiled applications for mobile, web and desktop. In a nutshell, it is a platform that one would build an app easily and you would be able to view what you’re working on…also with one codebase, you can build for both Android and iOS devices.

Also, the Flutter toolkit using the dart programming language is just 5 years old but has massive followership and many resources. Did I mention it was developed by Google? You get the picture now.

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